Built A Fat Suit And Maintained It For 30 Years

Couldn’t find the right words or the right actions to tailor the suit to a much healthier and normal size and maintain it forever more……

The other day I came upon the book “The Obstacle Is The Answer” and for some reason I have been feeling stronger and these words came to me, “I did a good job of building a fat suit now I need to do a good job of building a smaller healthier suit”.

I cried long and hard today when I took a good look at what I have done while not really caring or paying attention. ….

It will take perseverance and it will be arduous but I know I can do it.

I am painting and writing about this new plan, endeavor, goal. I’m a very private person so this will not be so easy for me.

Please join me here on my journey of building a normal sized and healthy suit for my soul to live in.

#FatSuit #jewelsFatSuit #GeniPopTopArt #genipoptopart #PaintingFeelings

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