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Happy Monday! 4/12/21

Good morning! A little inspiration for the week… Don’t think just get up and do… Say to yourself 10 times in a row that every second counts… By counting backwards 54321! Start! You will be up and doing! Even if it’s just jumping in the shower and with your toothbrush and toothpaste! The fly lady says to have your clothes laid out and get your shoes tied tight!

Have a great day! Love, jewel

The $450 million Salvatore Mundi Masterpiece painting Case….. Hhhhmmmm, where is it?!

The $450 million Salvatore Mundi Masterpiece painting Case….. Hhhhmmmm, where is it?!
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More news! April 2021 The Kusama exhibit has been canceled due to COVID-19. It is rescheduled for spring 2021.

Great News! 04/17/21.


Built A Fat Suit And Maintained It For 30 Years

Couldn’t find the right words or the right actions to tailor the suit to a much healthier and normal size and maintain it forever more……

The other day I came upon the book “The Obstacle Is The Answer” and for some reason I have been feeling stronger and these words came to me, “I did a good job of building a fat suit now I need to do a good job of building a smaller healthier suit”.

I cried long and hard today when I took a good look at what I have done while not really caring or paying attention. ….

It will take perseverance and it will be arduous but I know I can do it.

I am painting and writing about this new plan, endeavor, goal. I’m a very private person so this will not be so easy for me.

Please join me here on my journey of building a normal sized and healthy suit for my soul to live in.

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