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The $450 million Salvatore Mundi Masterpiece painting Case….. Hhhhmmmm, where is it?!

Where is this “Last Leonardo” painting? Why do we not know where it’s at? Is it in Switzerland? Bought by the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia…… is there a problem with the Provenance and restoration of this painting….. and authenticity…. Will we ever see it again or see it any time soon? If it’s moved, will it be in 5 pieces? Everybody is wondering what the heck…… ‘The Last Leorardo’ by Ben Lewis may have some answers…… on shelves June 25th 2019……I Cannot Wait To Read This!!!!

Copy of Salvator Mundi Discovered In Naples Apartment

NASA/Claudia Dowling/BJ Spokes Gallery

Good Morning! Hoping you are having a Great spring!

Notice! PLease excuse any cursing or grammer or punctuation issues here. Lol. This is a relaxed atmosphere. No Judging Allowed. Lol. Love and Light and Happy Face!

Went to the Hecksher Museum Art Talks, Long Island, NY, the other day and it was So Awesome. I def. recommend it! We were going over the American Impressionists. Everybody is in love with the European ones but there are some Awesome American ones also! The Museum will have them on Exhibit from May 25th 2019 to Aug. 2019. I am Excited to see the Hassam piece!

In regards to NASA, I saw an Artist Calling the other day and it was Short Notice! I called NASA and left a message thinking they’d get back with me the same day. I think we are all still laughing about that. Lol! So, I did not have time to enter a Great Piece of Art for that and it Greatly Pains me! Lol. Yes, it did! I need to find a way to find these callings better. If you know how, please let me know! I’d greatly appreciate it and I’d pass the knowledge on. I will be sharing information here.

Walking around with the index cards……. really does help to learn things in a relaxed way. No pressure just to read things you want to learn about as you read your cards once or twice daily! Mucho Bueno!

That’s it for now! Carry on with your Great Self! And see you here next time! , Jewel at geni pop top Art

Organizing Life So I Can Paint

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!  It’s almost laughable with everything that comes our way every day to stay organized…… I effin hate junk mail!  I never use any of it….. I use services that are given word of mouth….. I guess I could use the food coupons to eat out locally but who has time to organize that too?  UGH!  I need an assistant!  I need somebody to pay for it! I need to Paint!  Goodbye and Have a Great Day!!!!!  P.s.  In advance, I’m sorry if I curse a little here or get a little assertive (aggressive) for I am Very Passionate about Art.

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